Kitchen and dining

Breakfast is not included in the accommodation.* 

In the kitchen you will find dishes and cooking utensils with which you can prepare food from breakfast to dinner. Dirty dishes can be left in the dishwasher, pots and pans must be washed yourself. 

The hostel offers guests organic coffee and tea, which you can brew yourself, however you feel like it.

The kitchen is shared with an oven, stove, refrigerators, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster and dishwasher. The oven and stove work with LiesiTurva's clock. LiesiTurva prevents fires caused by the stove. When you turn on the oven or stove, the number 15 appears on LiesiTurva's screen. This indicates the time of 15 minutes. You can get additional time for cooking by pressing the LiesiTurva button when the time on the LiesiTurva screen is almost over. (1-5 min)

The kitchen also has a "Sharing Shelf" where you can use food items donated by other guests that still have days of use left. You can also donate your own food to the Sharing Shelf after staying. Let's convey a good mood and bear environmental responsibility with small actions. 

*It is possible for large groups to book breakfast, which is organized and offered by Restaurant Verstas in the building next to us (minimum reservation 20 persons) Price €15.90 / person. Reservations via email -->